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Our products and services include:

Integrated Management System Consulting, Design and Implementation:

We implement systems that are individual to your company and that are suited to the work that the organisation conducts. We look at the Legal Statutory requirements and the needs of your industry, your clients, the abilities of your staff and we design a system specific to those requirements following the OHSAct85/1993, OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliance guidelines. We also spend time with the various departments that is required to maintain the Integrated Management Systems.

Audits and Reports:

Audits are excellent tools to assess the positive impact that safety has on the overall productivity of a business. We conduct regular site and system audits and compile concise reports for management to review, thereby allowing quick and effective corrective actions to be taken should they be required. We also conduct audits on existing systems for external professional feedback reports.

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments:

It has been proven that 98% of all incidents are due to the incorrect behaviour of people. Conducting HIRA on areas and activities will identify hazards, assess the risks and implement measures that will be best suited to safeguard personnel, assets and the public in the most cost effective way to the company. We also train employees on the Risk Assessments and Safe Working Procedures to ensure they understand and comply.

Accident and Incident Investigation:

If an incident does occur, the direct costs of a mayor incident can cost thousands of Rands, the indirect costs can run into the millions. This is why correct and detailed information obtained in reports regarding accidents and investigations, ensures that the correct preventative measures can be implemented to prevent future occurrences of similar incidents and that all insurance claims are settled promptly.

Proper Inductions Courses for Employees:

General site inductions and induction to Risk Assessments are a crucial focus point when relaying the messages of risks to employees on any site or office. We ensure that the message pertained in these documents are understood by all involved and properly documented.

Traffic Accommodation:

We offer detailed Traffic Management Plans for Road works as well as, complete and competent Traffic Management Teams to ensure that temporary signage, road signs and barricading is properly implemented and maintained on a continuous basis. Training is also available for Traffic Team Members on site. (Flagmen and Stop/Go Operators).

Supplying Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Equipment:

To avoid the hassle of ensuring that all staff has the necessary PPE with the appropriate sizes on the first day of employment, we deliver the items to site, thus ensuring all staff have the right PPE the first time. We also look into other measures that safeguard employees and equipment to ensure that PPE is a last resort, thus increasing profits.


We supply and deliver quality permanent and temporary construction signs at a price suitable to all. We also supply durable STOP/GO light signals and customised, weather proof huts for long term road deviations.

Other Products and Services:

There are always new products available to maximise profits and minimise risks. We are continuously partnering with other companies to bring you the best products that can be successfully implemented into your processes and meet your requirements.